Tired, that’s me!

Tired. That’s me right now. So, tired in fact that I am doing this Friday Minute Friday (#FMF) post on Saturday because I was simply too tired to do this Friday.

I had to chuckle a little when I saw the word for Five Minute Friday was tired.

I work at a faith based organization and every morning our leadership team starts our morning meeting with a devotional and prayer. Yesterday ( Friday), the devotional was about taking care of ourselves. A few of my coworkers looked at me to which I responded with a laugh….”Stop looking at me!” It is well known that I often do not sleep more than six hours a night.

Everyone knows I am tired. I push myself. I work hard. I don’t rest and relax well.

Last night, I had a quiet house to myself. I couldn’t focus on a movie. My attention span is such that I don’t do well with doing nothing.

Sigh….no wonder I am exhausted.

How fitting the word of the week for #FMF would be tired.

So, I know this but what do I do with this? There is quote that reads something like this…if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten. No change in behavior means no change in outcome.

This verse comes to mind….

It is useless to get up early
and stay up late
    in order to earn a living.
God takes care of his own,
    even while they sleep.[a] Psalm 127:2

Maybe I need to take some cueing from my furry friend. He plays hard but rests well.


Anyone else have difficulty resting and relaxing? What helps you?


Friday Fatigue

One week back to work, and I am tired. 

Sigh…And I can’t really say, “I need a vacation”… I just had one!!

During these early morning hours, I choose to start my day in the Word. The past few days, I confess that I have jumped right into work stuff as soon as I was awake and then listened to my devotional in the car on the way into work. Perhaps, I have had my priorities shifted.

If Jesus walked on water, then certainly God can hold me through these challenges of day to day living. I have made some small changes in my schedule already, and I have faced opposition. Being busy is what I know. I am learning my need for rest.

Our church is in the midst of a prayer challenge and we are reading Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. I am committed to praying and believing deeper that God cares about all the details of our lives-the big and small.

God cares about my tired. God cares about my sense of feeling overwhelmed. He doesn’t leave us in the middle of the ocean to drown. As in the movie The Shack, when Mac starts to walk on water, the character Jesus looks at him and says, “This works better if we do it together.”

So, I need to do my tired with God. He wants my honest, tired prayers. I am choosing to believe God can carry me through the tired. He who moves mountains can certainly make a way for tired souls. 

An Invitation to Rest

Sometimes, you just have nothing left. Your body is tired. Your mind is exhausted from multiple tasking. Life is just, well, exhausting.

The beginning of my day I had a moment, well a few of them. A moment of this is Monday, and I am tired and exhausted. Crazy how little things become exaggerated when you tired. Emotions run high. And if you are like me, you just want to be alone.

But you can’t…

Around one o’clock today, things started to feel manageable. I prayed…the blessings in the challenges, remind me the blessings in the challenges, Lord.

I realized it was going to be a Diet Coke kind of day. I hate pop or soda as one coworker adamantly proclaimed it to be. I just needed some energy, though.

I pushed through…A busy afternoon at work. A victory on the soccer field. Dinner served and cleaned up. Every day stuff.

Then a wonderful thing happened. The house became quiet, very still. I realized I needed quiet rest. I realized the “to do” list could wait until tomorrow. I realized it is okay. It is okay to rest.

A warm blanket. Fuzzy socks. A cup of tea. Nothing pressing to be done but rest. 

Giving myself permission to rest is the hardest thing for me to do. There is always something that needs done. Dreams and goals to work towards. A house to tidy. Something… always, something.

But without rest, I realize I am drained, depleted, defeated, vulnerable. 

Rest. Quiet rest. My soul yearns for it.

Jesus invites us…come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 NIV 

If He is inviting, then we should pause to accept His invitation and the gift of rest.