Give Yourself Some Grace

Two things happened yesterday.

  • One, on only day nine, I missed a post for my Write 31 days. I was tired, had company, worked all day, and enjoyed my son’s last soccer game of his young junior high career.
  • Two, I received a rejection via email for something I had submitted that I really liked. I thought this piece was really great…only the receiving end did not.

Those voices started in…

I will never be good enough. I can’t even write a blog post everyday or a title worthy of having someone look at my writing…

I have two choices. I can listen to those voices-the ones telling me that I am not good enough, that I will never make it in this writing thing, that if I don’t even have the time to write a blog post, how will I ever write a book?

Or, I can listen to the voice of grace. Today is a new day. I am grateful to have this quiet time to write a blog post. My computer sits on my lap. Yes, I have a long work day ahead of me, but I have these moments now to spend time with God and write.


I am not perfect, but I can calm the shouts of inadequacy and instead listen to the whisper that I will keep trying, keep moving forward because I am worth it.

Where do you need to extend some grace to yourself today? Which voice will you listen to? It determines the path you will take.