31 Days of Grace

I absolutely love rainbows.

This particular photo was caught one morning. There was no sign of rain yet here was this huge rainbow.

I felt something as I gazed at its beauty for a few minutes longer. It was as though God was whispering a promise that He would be right there alongside me.

I walked into that day right into a very difficult situation. God knew what awaited me. He was already there. He promised to be with me.

God’s grace. I wish I could say it was an easy situation I worked through but it was not. What happened, though, was I experienced God’s grace. Through this situation, I grew tremendously in my faith and trust in God to protect, provide, and take care of me.

God’s grace…in everyday moments if we are expectant and watchful. An unexpected morning rainbow can spill out colors of His grace and promises.


31 Days of Gratitude: Promises 

Yesterday morning as I prayed during my hour long commute to work, my heart was heavy. God has been speaking to me about my Christian life walk not being about my performance. 

So much of my life I have been driven to”perform”… all As in school, in my job, in aspects of my life at home…

Yes, faith needs action connected to it, but we do not need to “perform” and prove anything. We are called to serve.

Work willingly at whatever you do as though you were working for the Lord and not for people. Colossians 3:23 

Working for the Lord is serving. When the focus shifts from working for the Lord instead of people, it removes the pressure to people please through our performance.

As I prayed through these reflections yesterday morning, I sensed that it was not going to be an easy morning. 

I exited off the highway towards work and witnessed a moment of awe. I saw a sliver of a bright rainbow. 

God’s promise…the beauty of a rainbow.

It wasn’t raining. The sun was still rising. It was as though He was whispering… I am with you and will walk this journey with you. 

I pulled into the parking lot at work. Not only was a huge rainbow painted across the sky, but the glimmer of a double rainbow as well.

I snapped a picture and headed into work with the hope of His promise. 

It was a very difficult morning, but I sensed God’s presence in the heart of it all.

God never promises our life will be easy, but He does promise to walk the journey with us. 

I am very thankful that I do not have to walk alone. I am grateful for His promise to join me.