Slow Down…

My son and I pray together every night before bed. Our prayers are often unconventional in that our bedtime prayers occur in multiple locations.

Last night I was squeezing in my walk. My son came into our office area and asked that I pause the treadmill.

Sometimes, we need to get off the treadmill of life and take a moment to pray.”

I paused the treadmill and my mind for a moment…when had my teenage son become so wise? 

We prayed, standing on that treadmill, and then, he ran upstairs to bed. It’s that age… Fourteen…not an adult ready to navigate the world but becoming one’s own person forming beliefs about the world.
And this son of mine has enough wisdom to know that sometimes, we just need to get off the treadmill of life and pause in a moment with our Heavenly Father.

How did I ever get so lucky?

I smile, knowing in this quiet stillness of the morning, that there is no luck. God knew this child halfway around the world was to be my son and I was to be his mom.

So, here’s a little shout out during this National Adoption Awareness Month… adoption is an amazing blessing from God.

Sometimes, you just need to pause from the craziness of everything and be still with Your Father. He has an amazing plan for you. It may not be adoption, but He may be trying to whisper into the deep places of your soul to those unspoken hopes and dreams.

Slow down…listen…and step in faith.


31 Days of Gratitude: Story

I have just spent two wonderful days at the Breathe Christian writing conference. The theme this year? Celebrate story.

Everyone has a story. 

Ask any waitress, any counselor, any teacher, anyone who works in long term care… everyone has a story.

I spend my days working with elders. Each elder brings a life story when they enter our community. My days are busy, but the best days, the days that I feel most fulfilled by my work, are the days I have taken time to listen to someone’s story.

I also have the opportunity to freelance write for our community’s local newspaper. My assignments are always feature stories. Again, I have the opportunity to listen to story.

Story matters.

Story shapes us and in turn shapes others. 

God is writing the story of our lives. I am learning to trust Him as the author of my life. Only He knows the chapters, the plot twists, the ending. 

Our story is who we are. We learn, we live, we grow, we relate, we interact, we listen. 

I love story. I love to read stories. I love to listen to the stories of the elders I work with. 

I am grateful God is the author of my story. I just need to listen and obey and trust Him to write it.

Can you trust Him with your story?

Generation after generation stands in awe of Your work; each one tells stories of Your mighty acts. I compose songs on Your wonders. I could write a book full of the details of Your greatness. Psalms 145:4-6 The Message