Perfectly Imperfect

This year the tiny Christmas tree I bought a few years ago on a Black Friday special in order to simplify the tree process is now missing the middle section of lights.

I am not even bothered by it.

A few years ago the imperfections may have concerned me. The perceptions of others of my imperfect holiday decorations may have unsettled me.

Not this year.

This year, I am resting in the beauty of imperfections. I don’t have any expectations this Christmas for perfect traditions. I am simply going to enjoy the simple moments.

Nothing was perfect with the birth of our Savior…a dirty stable, no room at the inn…yet everything perfectly unfolded the way God planned.

What have I learned this year?

Trust the process. Be okay with imperfection. Give yourself some grace. Sometimes, life is messy, and that is okay.

Merry Christmas! ♥️♥️


Calm and Quiet

In my corner of the world where the weather feels more like spring than winter, it plays mind tricks. As the Christmas music plays in the background and normally a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace would be welcomed, instead, I have found myself outside walking in the morning hours in just a sweatshirt.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas will be here next week.

I have been a little absent from the blogging world due to so many things in my life coming at me full speed. Ending a job. Starting a new job. Christmas preparations. Exhaustation. News of husband’s job situation.

It feels like a million emotions right now.

It feels exciting, overwhelming, scary, hopeful, hopeless…all rolled into one.

I know what I need in times like this, is simply to be quiet, to rest at His feet.

One of my favorite songs right now is “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz. If you haven’t heard the song before, I encourage you to listen to it. It reminds us all in the craziness of our lives to just stop and breathe.

I know I definitely need a reminder, several reminders, daily to just stop and be quiet. To take time to pray, to be at the feet of Jesus.

Even if you aren’t “feeling” in the Christmas spirit this year or if you are completely immersed in the holiday happenings around you, take some time to be calm and quiet with Him.

psalm quiet

the hope

The Christmas season brings hope and promise.

We all have expectations of the holiday season. They are rooted in our faith, our traditions, our families. Sometimes, though, the holiday season doesn’t go as planned. The expectations of the perfect Christmas fall short.

I have been wrestling all week with something I heard in a sermon last week.

What if joy and pain can coexist in my life?

The joy of a new job, the pain of the news of my husband’s job being uncertain…what will that mean for our future?

The joy of starting a new job, the pain of saying goodbye to people whom I have grown to love and may never see again

The pain of a diagnosis of a chronic issue called fibromyalgia yet the joy of having a best friend to walk the journey with me who gets it because she, too, lives with it

In the beauty of the Christmas season, we celebrate the birth of a baby boy, Jesus, Savior of the world. Joy. Jesus…the Messiah who would be crucified on the cross for our sins, my sins. Pain. His pain, my joy.

Joy and pain. Yet, one thing remains this Christmas season and always.


…being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ… Philippians 1:6

the hope of the season…rooted in Him…not life’s circumstances…the hope we can hold onto every single day of the year