My “Be Still”

I have come to realize and accept that I need my “be still” moments.

Life has been a crazy whirlwind henceforth my quietness here on my blog. It has been filled with work busyness, holiday things, and extra crazy obligations.

This has been a particularly challenging year for me in so many ways. I have been quietly pushing on. Recently, I have had some powerful reflective moments that have caused me to step back and reevaluate my life and priorities.

I didn’t like some of what I saw.

I may have shared this song before but Granted by Josh Groban has been very meaningful to me the past several months.

Granted by Josh Groban

I have come to realize that I need my “be still” moments. I need to catch my breath. I need to have time to sit and be still. I need to be in the Word. I need time to write. (I did do a modified #Nanowrimo this year). I need to be more present and intentional with those whom I love. I need to practice listening even more actively.

At a conference I was recently attending, we were asked what we considered one of our strengths. I immediately chose compassion. I love people deeply. I feel deeply. I care deeply.

Life is all about relationships.

Life is really hard yet really beautiful. I can’t fix everything in my life, but I can step out in faith and follow the direction I feel God is leading me.

“Be still” moments are my saving grace. They refresh me, restore my sanity, and help me to discern the still small voice of God in my life.

In the busyness of life and especially now during the holiday season, I encourage you to pause and find your own “be still” moments. Maybe it’s a certain place like the coffee shop or some early morning moments while the rest of the house is still sleeping or perhaps by the glow of the Christmas tree lights at night… wherever it is-take time to pause and reflect on your life.

You can never have back the time that has slipped away.

How do you reenergize in the chaos of life?


My Moments

It’s been a little while since I’ve been here. Life has been swirling around me a hundred miles an hour.

Today, I wanted to sleep in. My internal clock woke me hours before my alarm sounded. Except for the sound of my husband snoring beside me, it is still and quiet.

My dog nudges my arm. He misses me, too.

I could go back to sleep but a long list of things to do looms before me. I will face them. Like all things, this season shall pass.

For now, I will keep plugging away at the moments that fade into hours, into days, into weeks.

I hold onto moments. Sometimes, in those moments of frustration, exhaustion, or completely feeling overwhelmed, reflecting on moments is all I need to refresh my soul.

My moments are nature, family, friends, my dogs. What are yours?

God bless and I pray you may experience some moments of stillness, solitude, and beauty today.

The Calm Quiet of Morning

MorningQuiet. Calm. Still. This is why I love mornings. I don’t mind willing myself to crawl out from under those warm blankets on a cold winter morning because I know I will be rewarded with the quiet, the calm, the still. For me, there is something peaceful in knowing my children are sleeping soundly upstairs, my dog is snoring contentedly beside me, and I can relish in the calmest moments of my entire day.

Mornings are when I like to spend quiet moments with God, to pour myself into writing projects, to exercise (before I can talk myself out of it), to savor and enjoy breakfast, and to appreciate the gift of another day.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with noise and by noise, I don’t mean just audible noise. I mean the distraction of social media. I mean people asking us to take on just one more obligation. I mean the stack of bills and my children’s school papers that need reviewed and signed, amongst crumbs on the table from last night’s dinner that no one has wiped up yet. That is noise to my soul. It can be overwhelming.

For my health andĀ for my sanity, I need my mornings. I need my calm. I need this quiet. I need this moment in time when all is still.

When is your moment of calm?