And the World Slowed Down…AKA…a Snowy Day

It’s Sunday. It’s snowing. The world around me is a blanket of crisp white beauty. I hear snowblowers and the hum of my furnace. I will be getting ready for church soon only because we live in town, and our church is in town. Our message last night from church was a “to attend church at your own discretion” message. So, we will be heading out soon.

I love a snowstorm on a day when I don’t have to head out anywhere. I don’t particularly enjoy the day before a storm. In Northwest Ohio, an impending snow storm means 45 minute long lines at the grocery store. Yes, crazy, I know. It’s as though people seriously think they may be cooped up for days on end. It’s as though every person in town is suddenly out of eggs, milk, bread, and toilet paper. Yes, the world stops for a day, maybe two depending on how much snow and wind, but really….

So, even though I do not really like snow blasts because I work in healthcare and there are no snow cancellations, and tomorrow morning, I will make the long commute into work, I do see beauty in it. I find it amazing that no single snow flake is the same. That never ceases to amaze me.

I love Sundays. Even this snowy Sunday. Even though as I sit here, I feel bloated from last night’s dinner of gluten-free chicken fajita pizza (it was the cheese, not something I normally eat).

I love that it is Sunday.

The snow continues to fall in its beauty. And the world will slow down a bit today.