Peaceful Sleep

When I was a child, I saw staying up late as a rite of passage into adulthood. Now, I rejoice in my beloved sleep. I have learned especially with the health issues I have dealt with over the past few years, that sleep plays a huge role in how I feel.

If I am tired and not getting enough sleep, I find that I start to feel sick to my stomach, have more digestive issues, am more prone to illness, more prone to skin breakouts, my hair tends to be less shiny, and I have less patience. Lack of sleep is also known to slow a person’s metabolism, impair judgement, and increase food and caffeine intake.

With being a morning person and having a commute to work, I find that I am ready for bed between 9-9:30 every night. My friends and family jokingly call me an old lady, but I need my sleep. I have also learned over the years a few natural sleep remedies and tips:

  • Don’t eat heavy meals a few hours before bed.
  • Don’t drink caffeine past lunch time.
  • Try to keep a somewhat consistent sleeping and waking pattern daily, even on weekends.
  • Try sleepy tea blends of chamomile and lavender.
  • Tart cherry juice before bed can be helpful because it is high in melatonin.
  • Try a melatonin supplement to fall  sleep.

I have had my own fair share of sleeping struggles. I have tried a lot of sleeping remedies, all natural. Here are my favorite:

  • DoTerra Diffuser….I diffuse a calming blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.
  • HoMedics sound machine…it has options for different nature sounds or white noise. I prefer the thunderstorm setting.
  • Yoga…I always do a few stretches for my back before bed.
  • No screen time before bed. I try very hard to not use my phone before bed.
  • Rescue Sleep by Bach…a natural herbal sleep aid that you spray on your tongue before bed. I purchase it from my nutritionist, but I’ve also seen the product at health food stores. also carries the product.
  • Chamomile tea an hour or so before bed helps me to relax.


But when I think back to the times when I struggled with sleeping the most, it had little to do with what I ate or drank and more to do with what was on my mind. Ah….worry. That awful, tear at you, difficult to free yourself from ailment. Worry. Yet, why do we allow ourselves to be enslaved by it? It robs us of sleep, of joy, the ability to let go and let God. I have had nights when I have had to finally realize that  I was never going to fall asleep if I simply did not let go of what was bothering me and give it to God. I have in the dark silence of my bedroom, simply taken a moment and prayed, “Lord, I need sleep, I can’t do this alone. Please take these worries from me. Amen.” I counted sheep as a child. Now, I repeat “God is good, God is good.” If I truly release my worries to Him, I find that  I can fall asleep, allowing me to be more prepared to face my issues the next day with confidence and determination (my two words for the year).

I’m still learning to trust, to let go and let God. May you all have sweet dreams tonight!

Peaceful Sleep