His Grace Finds Us

A few years ago, I found myself feeling very alone as I walked through what felt like a dark valley. I slept little that entire summer. To keep myself sane, I ran in the early morning hours.

Running became my escape.

As I ran, I listened to my favorite Christian music. The song Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman became my source of strength. The words reminded me that God was with me in the hard times, the good times, the everyday stuff, and the uncertainties.

The song really opened my eyes and heart to the idea of His grace as His gift to me. I clung tightly to the words of the song and its message.

As the summer continued, God opened doors for our family, and we began to receive the answers we had been longing for.

Through the difficult times, His grace drew me closer to His promises. 

His grace truly does find us no matter where we are. 


Walking Thoughts

Sometimes, a walk answers the questions. Sometimes all it seems to take is a few moments in nature to still your mind and heart.

When I am a mess of emotions and need to process everything I am feeling, I usually do one of two things…Walk/run or write.
February weather has been amazing in my corner of the world, so I have been walking a lot. It is so great to see neighbors who have been cooped up inside out and about, too.

Last night as my feet hit the pavement during a run, I relished the freedom to be lost in my world. 
My life is sprinkled with uncertainty right now. I definitely have made strides in my anxiety journey. I am not stressing over all the what ifs, but rather just praying and hanging along for the ride. God has placed some amazing supportive people in my path. I am certainly not alone.

Sometimes, though, being alone surrounded by God’s creation is exactly what I need to remind me that I am not alone on my journey. For me, walking or running and writing are my moments of comfort and strength.

What brings you comfort and strength?

Forward Motion

Running from what? To what? Or just to run? Why do I run?

Running became my release a few years ago when I was ill and no one knew what was ailing me. So, I began to run. Running became my stress release, my emotional outlet, and my quiet prayer time.

About a year ago, running became hard. Very hard. It was as though my legs were bricks. They were heavy. Running became exhausting.

In November, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It made sense now why running was hard, but I didn’t want to accept it, didn’t want to settle on the mindset of not being able to run anymore. My Nutrionist introduced me to Great Lakes Gelatin collagen. It has been amazing…. I am able to run again.

So… this morning, I decided to run. My body hurt. Too many hours this week at work. Too much sitting. Not enough sleep. But, I wanted to run. I needed to run. I pushed forward. Took the first step. Praise music energizing me. Each step of my run became easier. 

It reminded me of an older Reliant K song…I struggle with forward motion…

I needed forward motion this morning. I needed to feel it in my running. Work and family balance. Finances. Dreams. Hopes. Fears. So many things in my life threatening to hold me back.

The reality… life is never perfect. There is always going to be something. 

Keep pushing. Keep surrendering to God. Keep believing. Keep striving.

Forward motion begins with one step. And one more step. And another. They don’t have to be huge steps. Or quick steps. Just steps. Forward.

Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Letting Go…

I’ve been in a quandary over this for a little while. It seems like a simple decision, but it’s one that I am having some difficulty with. It involves letting go.

Let me digress….I’ve never been very athletic. When I was in 7th grade, I lost weight through diet and simple exercise. When I was in 8th grade, I ran track because my friend asked me to. (I ended up with a bloody knee during a practice, and I still have a faint scar to remember it by!) In high school, I played club soccer because another friend who had recently moved to the area missed soccer and wanted to start a team. We needed players, she recruited friends, and I played. I enjoy physical activity, but I am no athlete. Yet, a few years ago when I became ill (see my About post), I needed an outlet, something to relieve my frustration and fear. So, I began running. Running is not anything I ever did beyond the mile in track. But, I began running. I ran in all forms of weather. I enjoyed the solo runs-just me, my thoughts, and my Heavenly Father.

To be honest, if I look back, I know running was also a way to keep my weight down. When I was ill and battling through my issues, I teetered barely above 100 pounds. I wasn’t able to eat a lot, and when I did, I burned it off quickly due to the infection. Yet, running served as my sanity and release. I couldn’t control what was happening to my body, but I could control to a certain extent how I felt through running. It gave me a purpose to wake up early and hit the pavement. I loved to run. I ran multiple 5Ks. I’ve ran 10Ks. I loved to run.

On multiple visits to see my nutritionist, she has voiced that she would rather I walk due to everything my body has been through. I have always protested telling her how much I love running. Only, lately, I’m not so sure I do.

The other day, I was running. The cold air felt refreshing, but the way I felt running did not. Lately, it kind of feels like my body is being jarred out of place when I run. It’s hard to explain. I have chronic colitis, and the running seems to aggravate my symptoms at times.

So, I struggle….do I want to, should I, do I need to take a break from running, give it up all together? I have several friends who run. I have no issue with running. I am not here to debate the running versus walking debate. This is completely about me and what is best for me. So, why then is it so hard? Why not just take up walking?

I love to walk. In fact, before I began running, I walked regularly. What I think is the lesson for me here, is a lesson in letting go. I looked at running as a way to control what I could not control.I used it to control my weight. I used it to control my emotions. It was something I never thought I was able to do, yet I did it.

If I am truly going to submit to God’s will for my life and what is personally best for me, then I need to submit and let go of the things that are standing in the way between Him and me. I think my own steps are. I believe we have seasons in our lives. Running was a season.


My running shoes need a new name: my walking shoes. Trying to run to lose weight or look like someone I am not created to be is not what God wants for my life. I can no longer hide behind running. It’s time to let go.

Is there anything you need to let go of today?