One at a Time…

The day after Christmas….relaxing and recovering from a busy day. It was a wonderful day with family. We began our day at our house with our own traditions…presents, Christmas morning breakfast, and lazily taking our time to get ready. This year, we had a little surprise thrown into the mix….electrical issues in the kitchen. At least it waited until after the pancakes and sausage were done!

Then, we headed to my parents’ house for more Christmas joy. We enjoyed family dinner, family Christmas photos, desserts, and presents. If there is one tradition that has carried on from when I was a child, it is the “one at a time” opening presents rule. Presents are passed out to one individual at a time and then opened one at a time so everyone can see who received what. It’s a stark contrast from the way my husband’s family does Christmas presents….everyone tears in at the same time in a flurry of paper tearing chaos. I have to say, I don’t think one way or the other is right or wrong in terms of opening Christmas presents.

In our home, we practice the “one at a time” method with our own children. It does take longer, but it allows for the joy of the Christmas festivities to last just a little longer.

When applied to life, I think the “one at a time” method usually works best. Taking life one day at a time and not knowing what lies ahead is not easy, but definitely usually the least stressful. I am learning to worry less and pray more although I still have a lot of room for growth! As 2015 is soon upon me, I think I will try harder to live out the “one at a time” way of living.

I’m still debating whether that applies to chocolate…