Lost but Found

I called someone very early this morning, in fact before 6 am. As someone who receives calls at all hours of the night for work, I know how startling an early morning call can be.

Facebook made me do it.

This adorable little kitty wandered onto my porch last night and into my son’s heart. He fed and nurtured this kitty who tried so many times to come inside. I posted on the lost pets page for my county on Facebook. We gave the cat some milk and a warm towel in a little box and off to bed we went.

This morning, I had a Facebook message from someone with a photo of the cat. I had found the owner. At 4:45 in the morning, I made my way down my stairs and discovered kitty was safely nested inside the box. Kitty easily came to me and nestled against the warmth of my body.

I decided to make the early morning phone call. The owner answered and ten minutes later, kitty was in their arms after being missing for almost two weeks.

The joy of being lost and then found.

I think about our Heavenly Father’s joy when we wander away and find our way back to Him. Sometimes, it takes the love and nurturing of another to lead us that direction, but when we find our way back to Him, oh such Joy!

Though I have not wandered from my Father, my busy schedule has kept me from spending as much time with Him as I need to. I am reminded this morning to find my way back to my quiet time with Him…that undistracted, fully engaged and devoted time with the Father. 

When I make time for God and keep Him first, it makes everything better. It just does.

Don’t wander around lost…be found in His love, mercy, and grace. His mercies are new every morning…great is His faithfulness!


31 Days of Grace

I absolutely love rainbows.

This particular photo was caught one morning. There was no sign of rain yet here was this huge rainbow.

I felt something as I gazed at its beauty for a few minutes longer. It was as though God was whispering a promise that He would be right there alongside me.

I walked into that day right into a very difficult situation. God knew what awaited me. He was already there. He promised to be with me.

God’s grace. I wish I could say it was an easy situation I worked through but it was not. What happened, though, was I experienced God’s grace. Through this situation, I grew tremendously in my faith and trust in God to protect, provide, and take care of me.

God’s grace…in everyday moments if we are expectant and watchful. An unexpected morning rainbow can spill out colors of His grace and promises.

Catch Your Breath

We all need a pause.
I attended the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) last week, and during those two days, had a wealth of information poured into me. I plan to share some of these things, but today I want to focus on one thing.


It is Friday morning at the moment. I am sitting on my couch in the quiet of my house. I wonder…how did Friday get here so fast?

I think of the busyness at work, situations faced, and things I must do yet today. I think of our situation at church and where we are in our pastoral search and as a church. My son started back to school yesterday. The days are getting shorter. So much is going on in the world that is so disheartening.

I need a pause.

At the GLS, Pastor Bill Hybels challenged us all to spend 15 minutes each morning to read and reflect on life…our leadership, faith, family, who we are becoming, are we fully surrendered? And then, are we getting better or busier?

Sometimes, life needs a pause button. 

My mornings are my pause time to step back and reflect. 

Am I getting better or busier?

In this stillness, I reflect, I pause, I pray, I am still.
I catch my breath. 

Some mornings it may be a run or walk. Some mornings I might journal. And many are much like this…quiet stillness on my couch reflecting and in the Word.

I encourage you to take at least 15 each morning.

Pause before you jump into the day.

Give yourself permission to catch your breath.

What if…

It’s one of those mornings where no one but me has to be up early. My husband has the day off work, and school is closed for my son today. 

In the mostly quiet house except for the off and on barking of our dog, I really don’t mind these days of being awake in solitude. My mind does a lot of thinking during these mornings.

The other day, I wrote about “keep fighting.” The next day, my devotional was about fighting, and it really resonated with me. It’s important to fight through the struggles of life and keep our eyes on God. But, here’s another thought to add to this whole fighting thing….God loves to fight for us.
The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm. Exodus 14:14

Stay calm? During hard times?? This is definitely something I continue to learn. It is becoming a little easier everyday. The whole expression of “let go and let God,” it really holds a lot of truth in terms of peace.

When I am discouraged, before I know it, my mind wanders to this world of “what ifs.”

What if I had chosen another career? What if I hadn’t changed jobs? What if we had moved so many years ago like we had planned? The list can go on and on.

But, here is another question…”What if I am exactly where God needs me to be right now?

Life isn’t easy, but it is during the most difficult moments that we can experience the most growth.

On this Good Friday, I reflect, what if Jesus would have been spared the pain of everything He endured on the cross for us, for you, for me? 

That is a what if I don’t want to think about because the answer would change everything.

Thankfully, that’s not how the story goes. Jesus died so that we may live. His death and Resurrection change everything. He died on the cross so we can live in His truth and promises.

Instead of worrying and “what iffing,” I need to let go and let God. He will fight my battles. Just stay calm, trust His promises, and rest in His peace.

What if we worried less and prayed more?

Prayer can move mountains. 

31 Days of Gratitude… stillness 

And after an earthquake, a fire but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire, a still small voice. 1 Kings 19:12 KJV 

I love the quiet stillness of a morning yet to dawn. 

It is still dark as I take my dogs outside. I had wanted just a few more minutes of rest before I had climbed out of bed, but my pup’s persistent bark begged otherwise.

I am thankful I heeded to his pleas to go outside. 

The quiet moments of the morning are when I do my best writing, when I spend undistracted 1-1 time with God, and when I can most easily give myself permission to sit quietly and reflect without the nagging feeling that I need to be doing something deemed productive by worldly standards.

The truth is…being still is being productive.

In the moments of quiet stillness, I am keenly aware of His presence. In the early morning moments when I am detached from the world’s pressures, I am able to breathe in His Word and prepare myself for whatever challenges come my way.

The stillness of the morning is the source of unwavering calm in my life. 

This morning, I am grateful for the stillness of the morning.

Monday Musings

Mondays, are well, Mondays. I hate them because they mean the weekend is over. I love them because they mean another opportunity for great things to unfold. As I learn to find balance in my life between work and family life and be more intentional in how I spend my time, I am thankful for the mercy and grace of God. And, as I experienced all four seasons in one day Saturday in the crazy Ohio weather….seriously, it was raining, snowing, and sun shining during the 40 minutes  I was in Kohl’s as well as a temperature drop from the 50s to the 30s in less than an hour…I need reminded of the beach!

So, I combined one of my favorite pictures I snapped at a beach sunrise with one of my favorite verses. My  Monday musings on mercy.


Precious Reminders

I didn’t grow up going to church. I had a wonderful friend in sixth grade who invited me to church, and it truly changed my life. It opened up my curiosity about God. Over the course of middle school and high school, I attended probably every church at least once in my small town. I would attend with various friends who invited me. I remember my fifteenth birthday vividly….all I wanted for my birthday was a Bible…a New King James version Life Applications Bible for Students with a purple cover. I still have it today. The pages are now well worn, multiple different colors of highlighter across the pages, and written messages beside verses that have spoken to me over the years. It is still my favorite Bible. I use it for my morning devotions and regularly carry it upstairs from my bedroom to downstairs to my favorite recliner. For church, I have resorted to my online Bible Gateway app…for a couple reasons….one, it’s just easier, and two, well, this precious Bible has also become the keeper of special things. Tucked inside my Bible are handwritten notes from my children, a handmade card from my husband, a letter from my best friend, and notes from church sermons. When something tugs at my heartstrings, it usually ends up tucked inside the sacred places of my Bible.

Sacred Places.jpg

The other morning as I sat in the quiet solitude of my darkened living room, I took a moment and pulled out a few of those special artifacts of my heart…moments captured in time….reminders of the blessings God has showered upon me….reminders of His goodness and all-consuming love for me. All the painful moments of my life…highlighted verses in my Bible whose words have carried me through me these valleys…precious reminders tucked inside my Bible of His never ending love, grace, and mercy.

Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you may continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised. Hebrews 10:36

Even now as I enter a time of uncertainty in my life, I know I have the promise of His love, grace, and mercy. The precious keepsakes, a tangible reminder of God’s love and promise in my life.

Sacred Places 2...things I tuck in my Bible.jpg