His Grace Finds Us

A few years ago, I found myself feeling very alone as I walked through what felt like a dark valley. I slept little that entire summer. To keep myself sane, I ran in the early morning hours.

Running became my escape.

As I ran, I listened to my favorite Christian music. The song Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman became my source of strength. The words reminded me that God was with me in the hard times, the good times, the everyday stuff, and the uncertainties.

The song really opened my eyes and heart to the idea of His grace as His gift to me. I clung tightly to the words of the song and its message.

As the summer continued, God opened doors for our family, and we began to receive the answers we had been longing for.

Through the difficult times, His grace drew me closer to His promises. 

His grace truly does find us no matter where we are. 


Insomnia Diaries…Day 1

insomniaInsomnia. Is. Awful.

Being tired and laying down to sleep expecting to enjoy a restful night of sleep only to find out you can’t fall asleep….this has been the story of my life the past week.

I don’t do well with hearing other people breathe when I am trying to sleep…unfortunately, my husband needs to breathe while he sleeps, and fortunately he does!

I have tried lots of calm me down, unwind before bed, get ready for sleep “solutions”…chamomile tea, reading before bed, a sound machine, lavender essential oil diffused, a dark room….it isn’t helping lately. I am tired and frustrated. I want to sleep!!!

I made a discovery the other night that may shed some light on my sleeping issues. Food. I learned a long time ago with acid reflux issues not to eat right before bed and not to eat a large dinner. I’ve been snacking lately, though. A bite of this or that as I pack my lunch. And liquid….sleepytime tea and water….these actually seem to be hindering my ability to sleep. I need an empty belly in order to sleep. So, I have stopped drinking anything by 7. I drink A LOT of water during the day so I’m not worried about not getting enough fluid. What I am worried about is not getting enough sleep! Not getting enough sleep is bad for the brain and memory, and I need my memory!

So, tonight, I will try my theory and hope to fall asleep faster than the last few days!!!

I am open to any and all sleep suggestions!