Portion Control

When I wake up tomorrow, it will be Friday. Thank goodness! It’s been one of those weeks. My sleep schedule and routine have been thrown off due to a change in shift for my husband which of course, affects my night and morning routines. And, it’s just been a crazy week. We had corporate visitors today at work. One shook my hand and asked me…. “You still going to the gym?” I reply “Yes” although I go only to a Saturday morning exercise class and choose to work out at home, but anyways… Then, he says… “I can tell.” Okay, does this mean I have a strong handshake, he thinks I look fit, or just a strange comment?? Anyways, I am tired. I am ready for the weekend.

Portions. Always a struggle for me. This is a perfect sized portion compliments of Ruby Tuesday. Spaghetti squash and a bunless turkey burger.

Pictures Fall 2013-Fall 2014 164

Unfortunately, at home, my portions are not always so perfectly sized out as that. When I get home from work, I am starving. I eat too much some nights which leads to my stomach hurting which leads to not sleeping well.  Tonight is one of those not so good nights.

I could beat myself up over it or instead, use my favorite “Tummy Trouble” essential oil blend and hope and pray for a good night sleep and rejoice in a new day tomorrow…Friday!

Really, I do best grazing…eating several mini meals throughout the day. I think I am going to resort back to my grazing ways and keep small snacks in my car so I am not so famished when I come home from work. Ever since I had my GI issues, mini meals seem to be best suited for my happy digestion.

Any other grazers out there?