Too Much of a Good Thing

When you have been dealing with food intolerance issues for a while, you become a bit of an expert at reading your own body…especially when you have had nutritional counseling with a nutritionist and allergy testing with your chiropractor through the BAX 3000 energy based allergy elimination system.

Enter peanut butter… my mainstay food throughout my childhood and teenage years. And my young adult life. And my middle adult life. Okay, who am I kidding? I have eaten large quantities of peanut butter for as long as I can remember. My mother-in-law even commented once that when she first met me, that’s what she remembered…I ate a lot of peanut butter!

I’ve never been a huge fan of meat besides chicken so peanut butter has a been a good source of protein for me. Interesting, though…I don’t really like peanuts. My nutritionist has reviewed my blood work and says the low levels of hydrochloric acid in my stomach make it hard for me to digest meat. But…I also have trouble with beans so I focus on chicken, eggs, grass-fed beef, Orgain protein powder, and nut butters for protein.

I’ve been relying on peanut butter too much lately. I’ve been treated twice for it through the BAX allergy elimination treatments. I don’t have allergic reactions but too much of it causes GI distress. I love the PB2 powder in my morning breakfast smoothies. I love melted peanut butter in warm applesauce. Okay, so I admit…too much of a good thing. So, I need to do a peanut butter free diet this week. Yes, I know I can buy another nut butter, but I eat that stuff too quickly. So, peanut butter elimination diet for me.

That stinks. I love peanut butter. And chocolate. And bananas. Together. But….my 11 year old son is motivating me towards my best health:


And  one more thought…this one from my Yogi tea…”Be proud of who you are.” Flaws, imperfections, food issues…I am who I am. Hoping a PB free me this week  will calm the GI distress!

Anyone else have a favorite food that their body isn’t too fond of…maybe too much of a good thing?