31 Days of Gratitude: Good Food 

It has been a great weekend at the Breathe Christian writing conference. I am home and exhausted and ready for good sleep before diving back into another busy work week.

My thankful thoughts for today are simple but not so simple. When you have food sensitivities, eating out is both challenging and frustrating. To find an amazing place is a treasure.

My friend researched and discovered Anna’s House. Voted the best breakfast in Michigan, this gem offers a variety of gluten free, vegan, and dairy free options. The only problem was….so many choices to choose from!!!

I went with an omelette and gluten free toast. My meal even came with a gluten free pick in the omelette.

Great food, great company, great weekend.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Food Reactivity

Last week, I shared something on Facebook that another friend had shared with me about top anti-inflammatory foods. The list included several foods I eat fairly regularly such as walnuts and those I eat almost daily such as turmeric. But, that post led to a comment by another friend who suffers from food intolerance issues as well. She shared with me that she is currently following “The Plan” by Lyn-Genet Recitas. I requested the book from my local library and began to search for more information on the internet. I located a food reactivity chart that is part of the plan. It takes several foods and rates their reactivity level. Not surprising to me, several of the foods I have been eating were rated high on the reactivity chart.

Quniona….50 % reactivity….every time I eat quinoa despite it being a gluten free grain, I end up with achey joints. Every Time.

Non-organic spinach….85 % reactivity…my tongue itches every time I eat raw spinach that isn’t organic.

Cauliflower and cabbage….85 % reactivity…every time I eat these foods, I end up with a very upset stomach and it triggers a colitis attack. All those Paleo cauliflower rice recipes, never tried any of them for this reason.

So, all week, I have been trying to eat on the low-end of the reactivity chart. I have avoided the four foods I know have triggered reactions for me personally…my beloved coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, and even bananas. My friend who is going through “The Plan” said we crave what our bodies react to, but if we quit feeding our bodies these things, then we quit craving them.

So, how do I feel after just 4 days of eating like this? Better, not perfect, but better. I have been eating bone broth, Silk almond milk with Orgain, chicken, organic greens, broccoli and carrots, sweet and white potatoes, raw nuts, berries, and flax/buckwheat flatbread that I make. I am trying to be very careful, and it seems to be helping.

Last Saturday, my stomach hurt, my joints hurt….I was a mess. This week has been better. I am hoping the book is in at my library soon so I can really dive in. I also plan to see my nutritionist soon so she can guide me and help me. I continue on my supplements..I need them!

Here  is the link: http://www.doctoroz.com/article/reactive-foods-list   and


People who eat whatever they want with no adverse reactions sometimes think this stuff is crazy. If you have food intolerance issues, you understand the effect food can have on your body. You understand the frustration, sacrifice, and struggle, but you can celebrate the successes, no matter how small.

This week, I have experienced small successes…no bloating, no pain. I’m willing to press on.