He Fills My Cup

Sometimes, it’s a cup of coffee in a cozy local coffee shop amidst the chaos of life and a winter that lingers on forever that fills your soul like a fresh breath of life.

I’ve been quiet on here. Days have felt long, exhausting.

Sometimes, it’s okay to be quiet.

Then, when you least expect it, God fills your empty soul very, very full. He places special people in your life. He allows your soul to be filled at a worship concert with thousands of people.

Sometimes, you just need reminded you are not alone in this world. Your struggles are not unique. He provides those special people who listen, who get your struggles, who just know how to give you the courage to get up and try another day.

This day wasn’t easy. Actually, it was hard. So hard that someone made the comment to me…”You really have had a crappy day.”

“Yeh, I have.”

It didn’t end on that note, though. Another special person poured into my soul.

I step back, see the tapestry of my life. People. They are from all different seasons of my life. Our paths have crossed. Connections.

He fills your cup, your soul. Allows you to connect with those precious safe people who love you for who you are.

May the God of Hope fill you with all Joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13


Coffee Talks

Saturday morning coffee with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while… exactly what I needed.

I met this friend in the midst of a challenging work environment where we both worked closely together to make the best out of a difficult situation. To reflect where we are both now and the journey we have taken to reach this point was encouraging. It was so encouraging to share with one another our growth and to have a shared frame of reference from where we began.

I love how God intertwines our stories with the stories of others. Relationships matter. Sometimes, they have the most unlikely of beginnings. Sometimes, they form in the most difficult moments. God knows who we need when we need them. So many of my friendships have been connections where I can truly reflect and know God placed that person in my life for a reason.

Conversation over coffee is sometimes exactly what you need.

This verse has been comforting to me this week…The righteous person will have many troubles, but the Lord will rescue him from each one. Psalm 34:19

Rescue doesn’t mean life isn’t hard, but it means God is with us and will help see us through. I believe the gift of friendship is one of the ways God rescues us.

My conversation with my friend this morning reminded me the many ways God has rescued me and carried me over the past few years.

Sometimes a cup of coffee with a friend helps put everything back in perspective.

When is the last time you set up a coffee or dinner date with a friend? Maybe it’s time.šŸ˜Š

***two unlikely friends***

Gratitude…the Simple thingsĀ 

31 days of gratitude…I have decided to plunge into the 31 day writing challenge and focus on gratitude for the month of October.

Gratitude can be defined as the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation. Even when you don’t feel like it. Even when you are tired. Even when life may feel like it is falling apart into a million scattered pieces. 

Sometimes, it is simply the simple things we need to pause and be thankful for. For me on this foggy Monday morning when I am tired before even starting my day and achey from running yesterday and dreading the busy week ahead, I am choosing to have an attitude of gratitude.

My simple thing to be thankful for today…

This find from The Fresh Market…low acid chocolate lavender coffee that does not hurt my stomach. My poor sensitive stomach has been struggling with my coffee addiction…we have found a compromise!!

Thought for the day….Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 118:1 NIV

Listen for the Message in the Little Things

I shared recently about the silence of God which I have been feeling.Ā Last week asĀ I was prayer journaling one night, I felt a strong sense that God was asking me to fast from coffee. I really didn’t understand why, but it was such a strong sense, so I decided to listen.

I drank tea for three mornings…then needed to drive 3 hours and was tired, so I drank coffee. Nothing bad happened, of course. The next week, I tried to not drink coffee again, but I failed during a particularly trying afternoon at work. I needed coffee to get me through the rest of my day.

The next morning on Friday, I decided to stop at the local coffee shop because I hadn’t had much sleep the night before. I saw someone at the coffee shop and had a conversation with her that I knew I was meant to have.Ā As I was leaving the coffee shop with coffee in hand and feeling encouraged by the conversation I had just had, I prayed to God…what’s the big deal about coffee?Coffee

And, then I realized…He was speaking to me through the little things.Ā When I was tired during the day at work or feeling stressed, I immediately turned to coffee. Coffee was my lifeline to give me the strength to get through the day. This wasn’t about coffee at all. This was about where I draw my strength. As I prayed during my hour long commute to work, I prayed for God to be my strength during my work day.

I spent the weekend with my best friend and went to her church Sunday morning. What do you think the sermon was about? Strength in a storm. For me, the storm is the craziness of work, the uncertainty of my husband’s future job/school situation, a daughter graduating this year…just life swirling around me in rapid speed.

The big take-away from the sermon were these words…

I can worship in a storm when I focus on who God is and not on where I am. -Pastor Steve Rennick

So, today as I drove into work, I prayed differently…I prayed for God to be my strength, knowing this day is too much, but He is enough. When I am tired and overwhelmed at work, coffee is fine, but God must be where I draw my strength from, not a temporary jolt of caffeine.


Iced Coffee Alternative and Summer Musings

It’s hot and humid here.

I want something to drink besides water, but I’m not really feeling like a hot drink when it’s so humid. I love dandelion tea so I decided to try it iced. Brewed and cooled. A little Rice Dream milk. A couple of ice cubes. Delicious. It has a coffee like taste without the jittery caffeine effects. Dandelion tea is a great liver detox drink. It is a natural diuretic and can aid digestion. I have grown to love it and drink it daily.

Iced Dandelion Tea

It’s a lazy summer day although the official start of summer is actually tomorrow, Sunday, June 21st…the longest day of the year. We are enjoying a lazy day at home watching a family movie on Netflix. My children leave for church camp tomorrow….no TV for a week.

Update on “The Plan”….I haven’t had bloating in over two weeks and the cleanse helped shed excess water weight. My edema is better. I do find that I have a bit of food anxiety fretting over what I can and can not eat. Under the Plan, only one new food should be introduced a day. It makes social eating at work and with family challenging, but I am doing the best I can to incorporate safe foods and follow the 20 day plan. I do have my coffee back….it’s good with a little Kerrygold butter and cinnamon in the morning.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day….Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there! Enjoy the longest day of the year!

A Better Coffee

My blog is about faith, hope, love, and food. With food sensitivity issues, I have learned to have faith that I will be okay along the lines of my health. I have learned to have hope and trust that all things work out for a greater purpose. I have learned to love food, good food, that heals my body. And food, need I say more? I love food. When I was going through the worst times of my GI issues, food was not my friend. In fact, I ate so I could run. I used running as my sanity. Over time, I have experienced healing in my gut, and I can once again happily attest thatĀ I love food.

Coffee is not food, but coffee is something I love. My body does not always love it. The acid tears at my stomach. It seems to make my hair more oily. It makes me jittery. This frustrates me because I love coffee.

Well, friends, I have found a better coffee. Puroast coffee has 70 % less acid than most coffees, doesn’t tear up my stomach, and has lots of antioxidants. It’s all in the roasting process. So, I can enjoy my coffee sans the effects of excess acid and stomach-ache. It still unfortunately gives me the jitters from the caffeine, so I don’t have a free card to consume it in endless cups, but a healthy dose of caffeine helps start my day. The cost is a little more, but I don’t mind paying more for quality products.