Lesson Learned: Fats are a Good Thing

For years, I thought that eating a low-fat diet was the healthy, right thing to do. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and healthy eating. My favorite chocolate cookies were good for me because they were labeled as low-fat, right? I never once looked at the sugar content which is often high in order to make low-fat processed food taste better.

And then, I became ill with GI issues, and I met Nancy, my nutritionist who taught me something totally opposite of what I had always believed. Fats are actually a good thing. Fats are not to be feared. Coconut oil. Nuts and nut butter. Avocado. Fat is not a bad thing. Our brains need fat. Our skin and hair is healthier with healthy fat.

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It’s a change in mindset for a society that is so focused on thin. Of course, all things in moderation…eating an entire jar of almond butter in one sitting is not a good idea (I could with some dark chocolate), but there is a huge difference in healthy fat from whole foods versus the fat from a take-out pizza or fast food burger and French fry meal.

I make an effort to eat a variety of healthy fats every day. I have learned to absolutely love avocados. I know there are a million variations of the chocolate avocado pudding/mousse recipes out there, but here is my favorite:

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

3 ripe small avocados

1 ripe banana

1/2 cup carob powder or cocoa powder

2 packets of Stevia

1/4 cupĀ almond milk

Puree together in the food processor. Chill in refrigerator. Serves 2-4. I love it for breakfast! It’s very filling.

chocolate avocado pudding

Lesson learned: Fats are a good thing!