Exposed. My skin is exposed, and when it is covered with adult acne, I feel exposed. Like these adorable banana men we made at Wednesday night kids’ church, I feel as exposed and vulnerable as this banana man.

banana man

Stress. Lack of sleep. Changing my eating habits…a little more rice and gluten-free bread than normal and less meat. Travels. My skin is a direct reflection of my inward GI health. I have greatly reduced the amount of chocolate I have eaten, but I decided for a week to take brown rice and black beans which I love to work for lunch. I guess my body prefers more protein. I am not a huge fan of meat. My nutritionist says my blood work indicates I have a lower level of hydrochloric acid in my stomach which makes breaking down meat more difficult. Thank you….evidence based truth to why I love chicken more than any other meat much to my family’s chagrin. She who cooks determines the dinner course.

But, I digress….my skin is broke out and my hair does not feel as healthy. I am on vacation right this very moment as I write this at 6 a.m. and my family sleeps peacefully…I do not feel stressed, maybe tired of riding in the car, but not stressed.  So why is my skin so stressed?

I am 35…at what age will this acne stop? Is it chocolate? Coffee? Lack of sleep? Stress? Too many grains even if they are gluten-free? Dairy?

I had success with clear skin when I first went from a typical American diet to a cleaned upped diet with way less processed food. I’m still eating like that. I do confess…I quit coffee for a week, and my skin did start to clear up. Like I said, I am on vacation right now meaning I have no routine. When I return…hopefully relaxed and refreshed, I plan to experiment some more…I will wean myself from coffee and make some bone broth which also seemed to help my skin in the past.

Exposed. The skin speaks, exposes my food issues. I already am mistaken as being much younger than I am…the infamous red dots do not help! I do not want to see them staring back at me in a mirror. Life experiences have matured me as a person…I want my skin to reflect the same. I know my self-worth is not measured by the appearance of my skin, but I can not help but feel exposed. And, that I do not like that.

Anything you have found helpful for this issue?