Grace like Rain

There’s a song that comforts my weary soul today.

Grace like Rain

I had a moment today where I felt His grace like rain washing over me. Grace was poured out upon me like rain as forgiveness was extended. It had been a challenging situation, the type that wakes me at night. It had been the focus of much prayer last week. And, there, in that moment, His grace like rain was so evident.

So how fitting that Pastor would preach on suffering this week. Not usually a popular subject but one that is real and applicable to life. Of course, I would rather be comfortable, but trials bring me to my knees dependent on His grace. Suffering doesn’t have to be this huge intense trial. Sometimes, the day to day stuff that really bogs us down can be great reminders to trust Him with every detail of our lives. Let His light of grace shine through and His grace fall like rain.


2 thoughts on “Grace like Rain

  1. Thank you for this. Sharing one’s suffering honestly, has a sort of divine alchemy – others are blessed by it. Praise God for your faithful Pastor. The Son always shines and Grace always rains!
    – Blessings to you and your’s.


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