Grace through Frustration

Have you ever stopped to reflect the diverse array of emotions you experience in just one day?

Today I felt tired. I felt defeated. I felt fear. I felt hope. I felt appreciation. I felt gratitude. I felt frustration. I felt annoyance. I felt uncertainty. I felt reassurance. I felt confident.

I felt stillness. And, I felt wound up. In the words of my friend…just how much caffeine have you had??

Wow… that’s just one day in my life. So often, we experience one emotion followed by another…often the complete opposite. For instance, I might feel anxious over something only to then feel reassured by something else.

I read a devotional today about grace and confession. Confession of our sin and acceptance of the gift of grace from God go hand in hand. We can’t have one without the other.

When I began to recognize my anxiety for what it was and confess it to God, I began to more easily be able to receive His grace and the peace of surrendering my fear to Him. Believe me, it has been a journey.

Today, after eight phone calls, I finally spoke to a live person who was able to reschedule test. (Can you imagine what emotion I felt when she told me the computer screen she was looking at said I had been absent?!?) So, it is now rescheduled for a few days from now. I am going to study a few more days, but I am not going to stress myself out.

I was frustrated through this whole situation, but I reminded myself to stay calm while talking to the representatives. God’s grace in reminders to me that through the frustrations, glimpses of grace can be found.

My friend’s words echo in my mind… You’re so different. You are calmer now.

No, I am not perfect, but I am evidence of every day grace at work in every day places and spaces.

What is your everyday grace experience?



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