Keep Moving Forward

I love the opportunity to “reset” on the weekend. One of my favorite things to do is go for a very long walk with Quill.

My mind has the freedom to be free from distraction and to reflect on life. A lot is going on in this mind right now so my walk yesterday was especially therapeutic.

I thought I would share my reflections with you…

1. Keep moving forward.

2. Don’t dwell on what is behind you.

3. Believe great things are ahead.

4. There is joy in the journey even when the path before you is uncertain.

As I walked, I listened to this new song by Jonny Diaz… Let Faith Move You.

The song has a great line about packing your bags to take a journey of no regrets. What would I pack in my bags? Confidence, hope, faith, trust.

What would you pack?

Keep moving forward!!


6 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

  1. Great post, thank you! Along with what you have put in the pack, I would add love and forgiveness (for me and others) in mine.
    BTY, what kind of dog is Quill? We have a 5 month old standard golden-doodle named Violet who has become a topic of some of my blogs!

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  2. Your dog is such a cutie! I would pack some self esteem, perseverance, fearlessness to squish in with a bit of hope, trust and faith and oh a bigger case and…. I don’t travel light.

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