Familiar Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I am home. I decided to take the day off so I could catch my breath before jumping into the busy season of the holiday.

I also decided to spend the morning leisurely getting ready at my own pace. While so many others are out braving the crowds and lines at department stores, I am choosing to stay nestled inside under my favorite blanket with a cup of coffee enjoying the familiar and writing. I am linking up with Five Minute Friday for the first time. Today’s prompt…familiar.

As I think of all that goes with Christmas…the cards, the wish lists, the shopping, the baking…it makes me tired just thinking about it.

For me, I want to embrace the familiar this time of year. I don’t want anything new this year. I long for the familiar-simple time with my family, my favorite coffee cup, my favorite blanket, and the familiar simple Christmas decorations in our living room.

So whether you are braving the Black Friday shopping, enjoying a lazy day, preparing for the Christmas season, or having a normal Friday, leave room for the familiar in this season.

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11 thoughts on “Familiar Friday

  1. Welcome to FMF! I had visions of a cozy morning after a wonderful day with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. But my daughter had seen ads for Black Friday at Bed Bath & Beyond. She mentioned a vacuum cleaner that she had appreciated (and I need a new one)–and it was at a great price. So my husband and I got up early and went and got it. I was so happy that we did not encounter a crowd. We were in and out of the store and now I can relax.

    Enjoy the day! I am your neighbor at FMF.

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  2. Welcome to FMF! This is a wonderful, warm and loving community…and has given me a bright light of hope in my fight against pancreatic cancer.

    For me, in the holidays, everything’s familiar. I’m pretty well housebound now, and Black Friday means nothing. There won’t be decorations or gatherings; I simply can’t do them.

    But I love the familiar, warmed by the birth of Jesus.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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  3. I love this post, Tammy! I have braved Black Friday sales with friends in past years but this year my friend was going with her husband ( I’m happy for her!) and I chose to nestle at home. It’s a peaceful warm feeling to just do what you want, a slow relaxing cup of coffee, Christmas decorations and turkey soup making. I agree with you…this is a great way to start the holiday season! Blessings to you.💕

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