The Grace of Almost

Ever have those almost moments?

I have. 

I almost didn’t apply for my job because I thought it would be too far to drive, and I wasn’t sure if I was qualified.

I almost didn’t submit my story for a collection of short stories because I wasn’t sure if it fit what they were looking for.

I almost didn’t….fill in your own words.

Fear, doubt, uncertainty…they all creep in to create these almost moments.

I am happy to say that I did apply for that job, and I am quickly approaching my two year anniversary there. God is doing great things in my life there.

My story I almost didn’t submit? It was accepted.

God has blessed us each with gifts and talents. When we feel that nudge, we need to step out in faith and trust God to do the rest. 

What decision are you wrestling with right now?


2 thoughts on “The Grace of Almost

  1. Great post, Tammy. My husband almost didn’t apply for a local job because he thought he wouldn’t get it. I encouraged him and prayed and thankfully he applied and got the position. I can’t think of a time I almost didn’t do something but I’m sure I have had doubts at one time but persevered anyway. 😎💕

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