We spent a few wonderful days with our Wisconsin friends. Our story is an amazing one of adoption and reunion. Our boys spent time together in an orphanage overseas. Their friendship started as little tots. A phone call led to a planned meeting at a Goodwill store in Wisconsin as we drove home from a trip out West. The boys touched each other in amazement that first reconnection encounter as though wondering if the moment was truly real. We spent several days together after that initial reconnection and made a commitment to get together yearly for our sons.

The truth is, we enjoy each other’s company just as much as we delight in seeing our boys reunited and interacting. There is no day to day drama to deal with. They simply enjoy their time together. As parents, we share our adoption stories and parenting struggles, but we laugh, too, and for a few days, just do life together.

We laugh, joking…you know, we could have thought you guys were crazy!! It is our joke but also our expression of gratitude for this friendship between boys, between parents, between families.

God has used our son’s adoption to bless us in so many ways. This gift of connection is a gift of friendship. It a special story of hope, answered prayers, and dreams fulfilled. 

Our boys…the connection to bridge our life stories. 

God is an amazing God of connection.


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