There is NO “I” in “Servanthood”

This is a great post from a friend on having an attitude of serving!!

A breezy nip was in the air on that April 1 morning when I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying a veteran on the Honor Guard Flight to Washington, D.C. We had been well trained about our dutiesas guardians of these outstanding ladies and gentlemen who had served our country in WWII, the Korean War,or the Vietnam War.This was not to be a tourist visit forus to these great memorials, but we were to beservantsof our assigned veteran and do everything within our means to make that day a wonderfully memorable day.”This day is about the veterans, and not you,” we were told over and over again. I got the message loud and clear.IHF Baker April 1, 2017

The day was long as I picked up my veteran at 4:00 a.m. and I didn’t return home until after 11:00that night. Beingfocused on the needs of another was not hard when we started out the…

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