Have you ever felt completely surrounded by noise?

Yesterday, as I sat in the bleachers at my son’s basketball game, I felt surrounded by noise. The game was intense as the score was close. Parents were yelling out differing opinions on calls to the referees. Everything seemed to echo in the gymnasium. It was one of those mornings where the fibro fog from fibromyalgia made me feel like I haven’t slept in days despite having had 7 hours of sleep. 

I love to watch my son play sports. I will support him in the sporting events he chooses. I don’t understand, though, the intensity of a junior high basketball game. I don’t understand the angry outcries of parents at the referees. It makes me sad to hear parents scream at their children for not playing as they think they should. I mean.. it is nice to win but in a year, month, day, even an hour…Does it really matter who won? It all feels like noise.

Sports are great for building teamwork. They have the potential to teach healthy competition. The reality is that most kids won’t get college scholarships and even fewer will play professional sports.

Basketball is not my son’s favorite sport. He doesn’t play a lot in the game. Thankfully, he has been able to let that go and not get upset. He has shared with us that basketball is not his love. From my end as a parent, there is no pressure placed on him. We simply ask that he does his best and embodies positive teamwork. The rest is just noise.

This isn’t just about noise at a sporting event. It is about noise in life. Noise is always around us. We hear people talking. They send messages to us, some positive, some negative. We have noises from within-those voices in our heads. We can listen to messages screaming that we need to work harder, try harder, that we are not good enough OR we can listen to the voices that tell us we are good enough when we rest in His grace and strength.

Competition is okay. Pushing ourselves towards goals is wonderful. Teamwork is great. Those things are not the problem…it is the noise. It is all about the messages we hear in the noise around us and what we choose to do with the noise. 

Having goals, pushing ourselves, playing hard are all great. Sometimes, we need some silence from the noise to regroup. When we are grounded in where our worth comes from, then it makes those hard days, those losing games, those disappointments, a little easier to endure. 

Even in the noise, we can silence the voices to hear the voice of truth. We are always enough in Him.


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