The Smallest Step

When life throws difficult situations at us as it will, sometimes we find ourselves thinking if only….

If only I had a different  …..

If only I had more ….

I read a great article from Family Life about coping with anxiety. The article pointed out that having more of something or having a different something will not fix the issues we are anxious about. 

Sure, having more money might help “fix” an immediate financial need, but there will always be another financial need that arises. Maybe a different job will remove you from a negative work environment, but your new job will include negative people who you will have to deal with.

The reality is that worries and anxieties are not fixed by “mores” or “differents.” 

As I walk my journey of overcoming anxiety, I am learning that the only thing that truly helps my anxious thoughts is to release my fears to God and allow His peace to fill those spaces.

For me, this means praying. A lot. It means writing down my fears so I can see them for what they are… usually things out of my control. It means memorizing Scripture. It means trusting a friend who I can share these feelings with. 

Mostly, it means accepting that my smallest step of faith in trusting God is enough.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in You. Psalm 56:3


4 thoughts on “The Smallest Step

  1. I was always told by friends to face whatever it is that makes me anxious. I tried that, it failed. For example walking into Walmart alone. It’s always crowded and I hate the feeling I get even when I’m with someone. But going alone is worse and to say the least, I freak out. I attempted it several times and it never gets better. We all have to find our own ways of coping with anxiety and I think what you’re doing is a great step!


  2. Love this Tammy. I have anxiety issues too. For me OCD is the trouble. God helps me cope day by day, situation by situation. As long as I remember this stuff starts in my mind and God made my mind, I deal with my OCD better. There is not a situation or an anxiety that God cannot handle. I also find that in every difficult time God is teaching me a new thing. Prayers for you my friend as you take your steps of faith.


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