The Little Things Matter

It was such a simple thing. As I walked into Walmart early yesterday morning before my commute into work, I was on a simple quest to pick up some diapers for our surprise diaper shower for a co-worker. A name tag in the parking lot caught my eye. An employee on her way into work…maybe a few minutes late, maybe hurrying in with her hands full, had dropped her name tag. I picked it up and handed it with a smile to the first cashier I encountered.

Nothing major. No heroic deed. Just simple stuff here.

I headed towards the baby department and selected some diapers. It has been a while since I purchased diapers. I had forgotten how expensive they are!! I grabbed some baby wipes and a gift bag and headed to the checkout.

The cashier was pleasant and very chatty for the early morning. I smiled at her. Then, I noticed that her name matched the name on the name tag I had rescued.

I think I found your name tag.”  

She smiled, began thanking me, and then shared her story of her struggles the past few days. It was her first day back to work after being off after her grandmother had unexpectedly passed away. I listened feeling as though she needed to share, knowing she appreciated the simple act of kindness of a stranger taking the time to return her lost name tag. She told me to have a great day and be safe in the fog.

As I walked out of Walmart with my diapers, I couldn’t help but feel God had used me in that moment. I was blessed by my interaction with this cashier. I think most of the time, it is the little things, the little ways that have the power to impact people’s lives the most. 

I know that has been true in my own life. A simple unexpected comment of appreciation or support. A pop a staff member buys me just because she knows I am tired. A text message from a friend that says just thinking of you and praying for you. A random act of kindness from a stranger.

Our words and actions are power.Simple everyday things can mean everything to someone.

I believe God is whispering to us and providing opportunities to reach out to others, connect us in both big and small ways for His glory.

We are blessed when we bless others in both big and small ways.

In what ways have little things hugely impacted your life?


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