A Weekend to Remember 

My husband and I took advantage of a buy one get one free special a few months ago. If you registered for the Family Life Weekend to Remember marriage retreat, then your spouse was free. Always looking for a chance to travel and a good deal, we decided to go.

It is Sunday morning. The past two days have been wonderful. The speakers have been amazing and real as they have shared insights and honest stories from their own lives.

In a short while, we will be heading to our final few hours of our weekend experience. These past few days have opened our eyes and hearts to a few things and have given us an opportunity to focus our undivided attention on another. 

No matter where you are in your marriage…whether it is amazing or on the brinks of falling apart, whether you have been married a day or 40 years, the Weekend to Remember is a great experience. They are held in multiple locations throughout the US. For more information, visit their website at Family Life Weekend to Remember.

Remember, when our hearts are open and willing, God uses our imperfections for His perfect will.



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