31 Days of Gratitude: Mundane Moments 

A lot of people are going through the motions. They live life walking the routine Monday through Friday 9-5 and spend the weekend catching up from the week, squeezing something fun in, and then dreading Sunday night because the weekend is almost over.

They miss the magic of the mundane.

Mundane is defined as common and ordinary.Ordinary. Common. Nothing special, right?

I disagree. 

I have witnessed time and time again how God uses the mundane moments to speak to me if I am only listening and paying attention.

When I am struggling with feeling overwhelmed at work, the words of a family member or resident remind me that I am serving exactly where I need to be.

When I am doubting whether I am being the mom my children need, one of them says the simplest thing that makes me laugh and smile.

God uses everyday, ordinary moments to grab our attention.

The words in a book. The message in a song. A smile from a friend. A rainbow on the way into work. The purple pink cascading sunset on the drive home from work. 

The most mundane moments often speak the most profound lessons. 

On this ordinary day, I challenge you to refuse to just go through the motions.

Instead, find the magic in the mundane.


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