31 Days of Gratitude….Team

They were pieces on the table. Colorful Legos, something I saw often on my son’s floor but not something I saw at my workplace in a senior living community.

The instructions from the leader were detailed yet open ended. I was sitting at a table with others in a leadership training being asked to make something from the pieces. 

Together, we worked. We constructed from our interpretation of the instructions. A little house. Colorful with a roof, a door, a window. Oddly enough, we were proud of our unique little creation. We laughed as we created.

The little Lego house constructed at our leadership training represents in a tangible way the value of teamwork.

Great teams are led by amazing leaders.

Yesterday, I sat in my supervisor’s office for our weekly meeting. I have multiple informal meetings all week with her, but Tuesday afternoon is our set aside time devoted to an agenda. I had my list, my materials prepared for our meeting. 

She caught me off guard. Before I could speak, she asked me what do you need from me, how can I support you??

This isn’t the first time God has reminded me of the blessings from a prayer where His answer is wait.

I did wait… months.. in a challenging job situation, but God blessed me with the amazing opportunity to work in a Christian environment. He has blessed me with great Christian leadership…Leadership where I am given permission to try something and learn from mistakes because I know the team will support me.

I am tired but inspired daily. I am so grateful for an amazing team and Christian leadership that I can grow and learn from. 

Without wise leadership, a nation (insert company, organization, school, household, etc) falls; there is safety in having many advisors. Proverbs 11:14 NLT

I am so thankful for great leaders in my organization and to be part of such an amazing team.

Sometimes, the best answer to prayer truly is wait. God has greater plans than we can see. He knows exactly what we need and who we need.


1 thought on “31 Days of Gratitude….Team

  1. Couldn’t agree more. There’s no better way than to wait and see His plan unfold in front of our eyes; only then we can truly understand why we had to go through what we had to. – Belle

    Dropping by from a self-hosted site One Awesome Momma because I am missing the community.


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