A Beautiful Mess 

My back yard is a mess. A wet, muddy, swampy mess. Last weekend, with the help of friends, we demolished our pool and rotting deck. Our kids no longer use the pool, and we decided we would rather have the additional yard space as grass.

Now, we have a mess.

But, we have a vision… a vision of a grassy back yard with a fence tore down where we can more easily interact with our neighbors. It will take work, but the vision and desire are there 

It’s a lot like this church sign I saw the other day…

Let God bless your mess.

Our lives can get messy…swampy, muddy…but don’t let the mess of circumstances drown the vision. God can take the mess and bless it into something beautiful when we surrender everything to Him. He sees the whole picture.

And yet, You O Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, and You are the Potter. We are formed by Your hand. Isaiah 64:8 NLT


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