Am I comfortable…

The other day, a co-worker walked into my office and asked if I was attending the optional training session that was starting in the next few minutes.

I looked up at her.”There’s no way. I’m drowning right now.”

“Are you comfortable drowning?”

Whoa…not the response I was expecting from her.

Am I comfortable drowning?

Am I comfortable drowning???

Drowning elicits a vision of fear, of wildly waving, flailing my arms to save myself from going under. It is like one moment you find yourself in the lake, the next, swallowed under by the wake.

That vision does not suggest a positive experience.

So….am I comfortable drowning?

As I ponder this, I relate this to life…how often do we accept the status quo as okay? We accept the busy and the crazy of our lives as our reality.

So, am I okay with drowning? Am I okay with being so busy…so busy at work, so busy at home….that I don’t take time to rest.

Have I accepted the reality of being so busy, so bogged down, so overwhelmed that I am comfortable with drowning? That drowning somehow feels familiar and comforting?

I don’t have an answer to this question. 

What I do know is that I need to rest. Rest my mind. Calm my soul.

Sometimes, God can use a simple but profound, unexpected question to help us pause and reflect.

Am I comfortable with drowning?? Or am I willing to reflect and seek the calm waters…. I still believe they exist. At work. At home. In His care.


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