Upside Down Kind of Day

Sometimes life feels upside down.

My morning started out as one of those days…an upside down kind of day. I slipped in a puddle on my floor as I was trying to hurry out the door. I internalized a conversation at work. A meeting became permeated with negativity. This was not at all how I planned my day…. especially when I was trying so hard. So hard to be positive. So hard to be focused. So hard to be perfect.

Of course, this morning on my way into work, I realized I had placed my Bible and devotional on my bed and was distracted before I had the chance to read them. I hadn’t started my day in the Word.

Grateful, though, for conversations with supportive coworkers, a friend…still feeling quiet, trying to not feel defeated despite encouragement from my boss that I don’t have to be perfect…it is okay.

I drove home, put eggs on the stove for dinner, and trudged upstairs to change. I found them, the Bible and the devotional, on the corner of my bed where I had left them. I picked up my devotional…the verse…

Lord, I believe; help my unbelief! Mark 9:24 NKJV 

The words of the God Calling devotional… crying from the human heart expresses progress of the soul ….a cry for more faith. And my other devotional on accountability, something I am working on at work with staff…and feeling the resistance from some. 

These are words I needed to hear at that moment. Their clarity and meaning much clearer than they would have been had I read them early in the morning before my upside down day. These words breathing life into my defeated soul. 

God’s timing, perfect timing…making an upside down day seem a little bit more right side up. 

Lord….help my unbelief…. please use the upside down kind of days to remind me right side kind of days really do happen.


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