What are you waiting for?

It is Friday morning. I am thankful for the end of the work week in sight. As I sit here reading devotions, I hear my son’s alarm go off for a few moments, then it stops. A few minutes later, it goes off again and then stops. Of course, he is snoozing it….

What is he waiting for???

He can snooze it a zillion times but he knows what will happen….mom will be in his room telling him to get up!!

Never a morning person, not a fan of the academic component of school, but when the alarm goes off, it means the inevitable….he has to get up!! School is coming whether he likes it or not.

I think about this in terms of life….what am I waiting for? The things I want to get done, the hopes and dreams I have, the to do list at work and home… 

Sometimes when there is so much, I find myself feeling stuck. Being stuck is not a place I want to be.

So, I ask myself….what am I waiting for? The perfect moment? A free moment? A rainy day? 

The reality is…there will never be a perfect moment.

If I want to write, well, then I need to make time to write.

If I want to run, I need to make time to run.

If I want to spend more time with my family, then I need to make that time.

You can fill in your own blanks…If I want to ____, then I need to make time to _____.

And, instead of feeling discouraged by all of it, I need to celebrate forward motion and my small steps in the direction I want to go.

What are you waiting for?

The sky is the limit…


1 thought on “What are you waiting for?

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