Write your story, baby girl 

As I said my final good-byes and hugged her ever so tightly, the tears began to well in my eyes. Our gaze met, lingered for a moment, and then I turned to go. I knew this was her time to shine, her time to write her own story.

As I walked the beautiful campus with my son, my heart swelled with love. How did this happen so quickly? It seems like just yesterday we were walking hand in hand crossing the street. Now, she walks hand in hand with God…her faith strong.

Heavy sigh. Bittersweet indeed.

I had texted a friend, telling her I was trying to hold it together. She texted me something back that resonated so deeply with me as a writer. She wrote….this is where you get to see that you have helped her write the first chapters of her life and now she has the opportunity to write the rest and she will write the best book ever because the way you have raised and guided her.

Sobbing…as I read her words.

Children are a gift from God. He entrusts them to us to raise, guide, encourage, and then when it is time, release them into the world. 

God, Heavenly Father, that means I must trust You. Trust You to guide her on her own journey. Her story.

As I walked into her room this morning, seeing how empty it is and realizing it isn’t nearly as much fun to borrow her clothes when she isn’t here, the tears welled again. The tears are not just of sadness but of joy. She is writing her own story with God at her side.

Write your story, baby girl!!


5 thoughts on “Write your story, baby girl 

  1. Wonderful post and so similar with a post I write a week or so ago about my son. Our youngest son is going to college next week and with him gone, we will have an empty nest. Thank you for inspiring words and you are so right! It’s their turn to shine and we can sit back and see what wonderful things they do in this life!❤️


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