Stomping My Feet…

This morning, my son stomped his feet up the stairs. He wanted to stay planted in the Lazy Boy, nestled under a blanket, lazily watching TV on a Saturday morning. He did not want to go upstairs to take care of what I had asked him to do.

So, he stomped his feet all the way up those stairs.

It made me think…how many times do I stomp my feet or drag my feet relunctantly when I feel God asking me to do something I would rather not do?

I suppose in some ways I’m not much different than my 12 year old son. Only, as an adult, stomping my feet may look a little different…silence towards God, trying to reason and bargain with God…but…

I’m learning to pray differently. Instead of God please do this… I am learning to pray for strength to make it through the day to embrace the opportunities and challenges in front of me.

I have a ways to go…but I am growing. Yes, it would be much easier to stay nestled under that blanket…warm and comfortable…stomping my feet when asked to do something I don’t really want to do but staying stuck in my comfort zone doesn’t allow for growth.

Growth might hurt while we are walking through the journey but looking back, reflecting is so sweet. I experienced a reminder of God’s hand upon my life this week. I had an employee this week stop by my office to thank me for my patience with her. She said she could tell she was growing professionally and personally. She thanked me for my leadership. My work has been challenging at times, emotionally and mentally exhausting, but God reminded me that He is at work in my life through this conversation with my employee.

The struggles…the stomping my feet moments are real…yet there are moments I am reminded…I can see I am exactly where God needs me right now. And that, my friend, is a beautiful thing.

Plans and Feet



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