His Grace Covers me….even at Costco

Yesterday was one of those days. When you spend your day working with people, some days are guaranteed to be well, more emotional than others. Yesterday was one of those heart-wrenching emotional days at work. And, it was a looong day. So, by the time I arrived at Costco, I was spent emotionally, physically, and mentally, and I still had a 40 minute drive home. Thankfully, it was a Monday, and Costco was not very busy. (This meant fewer samples when I was starving and hadn’t eaten dinner, but plus side, fewer people, shorter lines).

I picked up all my items as well as several items for my work. The friendly cashier reassured me that she could ring everything up and then subtotal the two orders to allow me to pay with two different payment sources. Fine, that would work. I paid for my personal order. Then, I pulled out the prepaid debit card to pay for the order for my work. Oops…I hadn’t realized I needed to activate the card. The cashier told me no worries, go ahead. So, I activated it. She then very kindly reminded me that I needed a pin number. I apologized again…because now I needed to call the number on the prepaid debit card to set up a pin number. While I was doing this, she patiently and kindly offered to move the lady’s items who was in line behind me to the next aisle so she would not have to wait. She explained to the lady that I was having card issues. (Actually, it was my lack of preparation considering I had not pre-activated my card, but I appreciated her choice of words). Finally, I had a pin and paid for the items. The cashier was so kind, so patient with. Sure, it probably helped that it was Monday, and lines were non-existent, but perhaps she could read how tired I was, on the brink of tears-just ready to be home with my family and eat dinner that was waiting in my slow cooker. This cashier could have provided a totally different experience for me if she had been impatient or short with me.

I thanked her, and as I walked away, I thanked God for allowing me to experience grace at Costco. After a long, emotional day at work, I needed this grace, and He knew exactly what I needed when I needed it. God’s like that. He takes care of us and always provides a lesson…He never lets go of us.

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”          2 Corinthians 12:9

In our weakest moments, He is our strength. He will carry us through. His grace is enough. Even at Costco.

His grace


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