Full of Good Intentions…

The sun is pouring through the blinds of my living room window. If I close my eyes, I can imagine that outside those blinds are a view of the ocean and palm trees, but I’m not in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina anymore. I’m back home, in Ohio, and if I peek through those blinds, my deck is covered in a few inches of fluffy white snow on April 9th. Sigh…. When will spring come?


This morning is quiet. My boys still sleeping upstairs. My dogs napping in the front room. My daughter off to work already. I savor the quiet time to reflect.

Another week behind me, the weekend here. The week a whirlwind, life moving by so quickly. I am trying to be more intentional with my time. Intention…a thing intended, planned… We’ve all heard people describe someone as being full of good intentions. Usually, though, that phrase implies that person truly meant to do something, but well, it just didn’t play out as intended. I can relate as I reflect back on a conversation with some people at work that did not play out as I intended.

But, what if I think of intentions a little differently…as something positive…


A thought, a goal,

Maybe even a dream

But nothing more

Than a word unless

Intention becomes

Motivated by action

Even small steps

Can move mountains

Reveal glimmers of hope

The hardest thing

about intention

is the need to stick to it

Especially on the hard days,

the sick days, the fall apart days…

Keep holding on,

Pushing forward.

Intentions are pathways

to something better.

I wrote this the other night…my intentions to be more active daily and to write daily. At bedtime, I still had not written, so I wrote this short little poem. I’ve been thinking about intentions all week. I began this blog with the intention to write about my struggle with food issues and sprinkle in my faith, but I soon realized that I didn’t want to write about food and take pictures of food, but rather, I wanted to write more about my faith journey. I accepted my previous job as an intended move closer towards my career goals…God used it for so much more in my faith journey in learning to trust Him more. On the hard days, the sick days, the fall apart days, I know I need to be intentional in remembering all the ways God has been faithful in my life in the past. I think of the story of Joseph and his brothers…You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people…Genesis 50:20.

When God is first in my place, when HE is my one true thing, when my heart’s desire and intention is to follow Him, I can trust that He is guiding my journey every step of the way…even on the hard days, the sick days, the fall apart days, when the world around me seems to be against me, He is still in control.



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