Lost and Found

I was strongly reminded of the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15 this morning. My day started abruptly with a panicked cry for help from my husband… Somehow during the night, our garage door had opened and our geriatric chocolate lab had managed to escape. I was devastated.

So, instead of heading out for a breakfast date and shopping, we called the dog warden, the police, plastered messages on Facebook, and began to scour the town for any sign of our beloved Sadie.

Friends and neighbors began looking, too. Our Facebook post was shared. People prayed. I came home and began searching on foot in the windy 40 degrees. As I scanned the yards of homes and listened to Christian worship songs, I prayed.

My husband called. He had received a call of a possible Sadie sighting, so he was driving around that neighborhood. I began walking in that direction, praying for my older lab with the bad hip to be found. I called him and soon was back in the warmth of our car. We continued to drive. Then, I spotted her…laying in a yard. I jumped out of the car and approached her. She backed away at first, barked a warning, no doubt startled, disoriented, and afraid. Then, the sound of my voice, my outstretched hand….she stepped towards me, smelled my hand…trust, relief followed.
She licked my hand, nuzzled close to me, then saw my husband and the van. She eagerly jumped in the van. Tears of relief and joy flooded my eyes.
Prayers of gratitude and praise
She was lost and now was found.

I reflected on how easily without hesitation, we changed our plans so we could search for her. I reflected on how much love I have for this faithful four legged family member. We treated her to McDonald’s which she devoured.

This dog I love, I searched for until was found, now safe at home once again.


How much more, so much more, our Heavenly Father loves us, seeks us, and rejoices when one who was lost is now found.

I cried tears of joy as I listened to “How He Loves”… And I know the lesson in this morning, the burden we should all carry for those who have no hope, who are lost and searching.

How He loves us, oh, how He loves us. The complete joy when one who was lost, is now found.


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