What do you see more beauty in?

This overgrown patch of flowers where weeds are wildly surrounding every single flower?

Pictures Fall 2013-Fall 2014 167

Or this flower, a sign of new life, of the promise of spring?

Spring Break 2015 097.jpg

I believe God sees beauty in both. I believe He meets us where we are…whether that be in the messy situations of our lives where circumstances like weeds threaten to kill the beauty and joy of everyday life or whether that be in the realization of new birth, of realizing His promise that joy comes new every morning.

I am learning that joy and pain can co-exist in my everyday life. Life is messy. Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed by the circumstances around me that they can threaten to overcome the beauty of everyday moments just as the weeds in the flower bed (yes, that is a picture of my flower bed from last year…no green thumb here!). If I focus too much on my circumstances, insecurity, fear, perfectionism, and performance driven mentality, can overgrow in my soul making me weary and tired. When I focus on who God is and not on the circumstances surrounding me, then I can pause, reflect, and embrace the beauty of a single glimpse of hope…something as simple yet so profound as a flower bursting forth the promise of spring. God’s hope is like that…He promises to take care of us. If we just focus on Him and not on our circumstances, we will begin to see the beauty in every day life. I’ve heard this saying before…only God can make a message out of the mess.

I am learning…to rest, to pause, to reflect, to trust without fear, to breathe, to confess, to surrender the anxiety and insecurity…and it is freeing.

God sees beauty in us just as we are, exactly where we are. If we can only see it in ourself, allow Him to love us as we are and to trust Him to speak His promises through the messiness of every day life so we can allow ourselves to see the simple beauty in our every day life, every day moments….how much lighter we will feel.

I encourage you to take a moment this weekend, to pause, breathe, reflect on the beauty around you and thank the One who sees beauty so much greater in you.



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