What do you want?

I drive the turnpike to work every day. The other morning as I was driving and listening to K-Love on my way into work, I passed a vehicle with out of state plates pulled over by a state highway patrol car. Definitely not the way you want to start your day!

A little while later, I saw that same vehicle flying by me. I thought to myself…what a slow learner! Then, I thought about my own life and how many times it takes sometimes for God to get a hold of my attention. For this driver, maybe it’s two, three, four, or more speeding tickets before he or she re-evaluates his decision to speed.

It made me stop and think about what areas of my life am I wanting to work on that I just keep slipping up on. Yes, I need to extend myself grace at times, but truly sometimes, I just need to hold myself accountable.

My friend I met for dinner last night said something very thought provoking to me…we spend so much time doing what we have to do that we lose sight of what we want to do.

So as we speed through life, sometimes we just need a little reminder to breathe…extend ourselves some grace…learn from our mistakes…grow from those lessons…and ask ourselves…what do we really want in life?

These are thoughts I hope to ponder very soon when I have some time to relax and reflect on spring break. But as for now, I will continue to pray, ask God to help me prioritize my time and day, and continue to work towards balance.

I challenge you to take a moment and ask yourself on a deeper level…what do I want?

Spring Break 2015 053



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