Listen for the Message in the Little Things

I shared recently about the silence of God which I have been feeling. Last week as I was prayer journaling one night, I felt a strong sense that God was asking me to fast from coffee. I really didn’t understand why, but it was such a strong sense, so I decided to listen.

I drank tea for three mornings…then needed to drive 3 hours and was tired, so I drank coffee. Nothing bad happened, of course. The next week, I tried to not drink coffee again, but I failed during a particularly trying afternoon at work. I needed coffee to get me through the rest of my day.

The next morning on Friday, I decided to stop at the local coffee shop because I hadn’t had much sleep the night before. I saw someone at the coffee shop and had a conversation with her that I knew I was meant to have. As I was leaving the coffee shop with coffee in hand and feeling encouraged by the conversation I had just had, I prayed to God…what’s the big deal about coffee?Coffee

And, then I realized…He was speaking to me through the little things. When I was tired during the day at work or feeling stressed, I immediately turned to coffee. Coffee was my lifeline to give me the strength to get through the day. This wasn’t about coffee at all. This was about where I draw my strength. As I prayed during my hour long commute to work, I prayed for God to be my strength during my work day.

I spent the weekend with my best friend and went to her church Sunday morning. What do you think the sermon was about? Strength in a storm. For me, the storm is the craziness of work, the uncertainty of my husband’s future job/school situation, a daughter graduating this year…just life swirling around me in rapid speed.

The big take-away from the sermon were these words…

I can worship in a storm when I focus on who God is and not on where I am. -Pastor Steve Rennick

So, today as I drove into work, I prayed differently…I prayed for God to be my strength, knowing this day is too much, but He is enough. When I am tired and overwhelmed at work, coffee is fine, but God must be where I draw my strength from, not a temporary jolt of caffeine.



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