When the exit ramp isn’t the right one…

Distracted driving. It’s become a fairly common term with the prevalence of cell phones. Talking. Texting. Checking email. Not safe things to do while driving.

But, what about distracted driving because your mind is racing with a million thoughts of the work day ahead and the things that need done once you get home? Concerns weighing down your heart. Listening to a favorite song on K-Love as the words speak directly to you. And then, you realize, yup, you definitely got off the wrong exit.

That is exactly how my day started today. My mind, a million miles away, so focused on so many things. As soon as I followed the car in front of me towards the exit ramp, I knew I was on the wrong exit. That hotel to the right of me…when did that appear? It was too late. Thankfully, I was somewhat familar with the area, only it spilled me onto two choices of main interstates. Of course, I chose the wrong one. I veered off at the first exit, pulled into a Wendy’s, and punched my work address into my phone. (For those wondering how in the world could I possibly get lost on the way to work….I commute 50 minutes to work at a senior lifestyle community in the middle of a rural area nestled between two tiny little towns). I took a deep breath, and in that moment, I felt God speaking in the silence.

Slow down, my child. Breathe. Be open to the possibilities of the detours of life.

My demeanor changed. I felt tension release itself as I listened to the voice of the map on my phone. I snaked my way along the country road with its 45 miles per hour speed. My focus shifted from the weight of my “To Dos” at work and home and my worrying about some situations both at work and home I am walking through…the giants I am facing. I began to talk to my good, good Father about my work day and these concerns. I thanked Him for the detour, for the extra ten minutes I would now be spending in the car with Him.

Detours. Life is full of them. Best laid out plans that don’t unfold as we intended. People don’t respond the way we thought they would. Deferred dreams. Broken hearts. The perfect job, we soon realize isn’t so perfect. The offer on the house falls through. Life is full of detours…life lessons to be discovered along the way. A quiet country road, the unintended route to work this morning, extra time with God to help prepare me for the chaotic day ahead. A few years ago, this dirt road below…a detour off the main highway on my way to a Christian writing conference I was nervous about attending…an opportunity to trust God’s leading in my life.

Detours can sometimes be life’s greatest blessings. Have you ever experienced a detour that blossomed into a blessing?

Pictures Fall 2013-Fall 2014 2316


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