Oh, the weight of it all…

My son loves TV…thankfully, he absolutely loves the sitcoms I grew up on. Brady Bunch. The Wonder Years. Gilligan’s Island. The good ol’ family shows where humor is clean.

Despite it being Valentine’s Day yesterday, my son adamantly refused my request to watch a good clean love story and opted instead for some Gilligan’s Island adventures. He chose the episode where Gilligan is struck by lightning and somehow ends up with a rock bowling ball stuck to his hand. My son roared with laughter as Gilligan tried to maneuver around his thatched hut with that weight on his hand. As I watched it, a thought played through my mind…how often do we do that? How often do we carry extra weight around? Weight we were never meant to carry.

A friend brought to my attention a few months back how much I worry. Never did I consider myself a worrier, but I realized how very right she was. Those words really have been eye opening for me in realizing how much weight I have been carrying that I don’t have to.

Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Like Gilligan, sometimes we need the help of friends to rid ourselves of weight we are carrying…a kind word, a caring gesture, a reminder of His love for us…lay the burdens at the feet of Jesus and be free. Free from the weight of the world, free from the weight of our problems we were never meant to carry. Our circumstances may not change, but when we lay the weight of our issues at the feet of Jesus, we find true rest and peace as only He provides.

Spring Break 2015 094.jpg


2 thoughts on “Oh, the weight of it all…

  1. I’m a worrier as well. God is working on this with me right now. My daughter unfortunately inherited the same trait. I’m able to share with her what God is teaching me. How amazing WordPress has been in connecting all of us who share the same mission – helping hurting people become the best they’ve ever been. God wants us all to live an abundant life and not settle for less of a life than that. I’m thankful for all of my new friends and the opportunity we have to support one another.


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