What defines you?

What defines you?

This hasn’t happened overnight, but I am learning that what defines me is simply this-I am His. I am a child of God. My food issues don’t define me. Fibromyalgia doesn’t define me. I love my job, but my career does not define me.

I spend my day working with older adults in varying levels of care…independent living, assisted living, and nursing care. Some of these elders suffer from the devastating diagnosis of dementia. I have a heart for individuals with dementia. Dementia does not define them. Despite cognitive and physical impairments, they are still inside. I have seen people who rarely speak come alive when they hear a favorite song or hold a kitten. Moments of connection…who they are inside…children of God.

Being a child of God does not release us from the trials of this world. We will face sickness, financial trials, relationship troubles, but through it all, God remains, a constant in an ever-changing world. Despite whatever comes our way, we have a choice of how we react. Our thoughts, our attitudes, our reactions to others’ unkind words…we have a choice to react in love, grace, and kindness.

My life isn’t perfect, but I am a child of God. I have faith. I have hope. I am loved. He is my Bread of life.

What defines you? As a child of God, your identity is in Him. You are His.

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3 thoughts on “What defines you?

  1. Tammy,
    I praise you for working with older patients; they are lucky to have you. This post is such a great reminderthat we are children of God and should act with the grace and kindness that He would. Thank you!


  2. “… what defines me is simply this – I am His. I am a child of God.”

    Your words speak to me. I used to let my career – teaching – define me. Now I accept that teaching is one part of me, one of His callings for me, but that I am so much more. Because of Him.

    I am His. First.

    Thank you for sharing.


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