Sunday Reflections for the Week Ahead

I love surveys and personality quizzes…I don’t know why, I just do. I recently attended a leadership meeting for my new job, and one of the things we did was to complete a few leadership personality quizzes. The purpose? To help us understand why we do what we do and how it affects our leadership style. One particular leadership quiz we completed looked at our motivational style. Mine? Achievement oriented. What does this mean?

According to this quiz, it means I need to perform well, and I am motivated by achieving challenges that I have set for myself. I am self motivated and take great pleasure in a job well done and work best when I am in control of my own tasks.

Those who know me well know I like to be in control of my own situation and circumstances. Another classic clue to someone motivated by an achievement style? Makes to-do lists and checks off completed tasks. Bingo! This describes me to a “T.” I have “To Do” lists in my personal planner and in my work planner. I love to highlight off tasks as I complete them. I love sticky notes and have them all over the place. My crazy disorganized, organized style. Works for me….most of the time.

This whole thing about control and “to do” lists has me thinking. The purpose behind my “to do” lists is so I keep my priorities straight. I have learned in my line of work to be flexible and this flexiblity has poured into my personal life as well. The best laid out plans and intentions sometimes have to be adjusted.

For example… with fibromyalgia, I never know how I  will feel in the morning. I have a list of things to do at work but I can’t preplan a staff call off or a resident issue. I can’t predict an email from my son’s teacher notifying me of some schoolwork issues with my son that requires a parent teacher meeting. Life happens. It just does. My “to do” lists are great to help me stay focused, but I need to be flexible in adjusting life as it happens.

Besides flexibility, another lesson I am strongly learning is that of balance. Balance of work and family time. Balance of rest and work. Balance of time to myself and time with others. Where does God fit into all this?


How much time do I truly give freely to God? The morning devotions, prayers on the way to work, listening to K-Love…all that is important, but how much time do I spend on social media, texting and talking to family and friends…is there a need for more balance in my life? Does God even make my “To Do” list some days? And if so, where is He on my list? He deserves more than just the leftovers of my day,  the remnants of my time and energy.

So, as I plan my week, I want to make a conscious effort to give God more of my time and energy. Regardless of how I feel in the morning…when the fibro is flared, when I am feeling tired and overwhelmed, or when I simply would rather do something mindless like scroll through my Facebook feed, I will work to spend more time with God because I know when my priorities are in check, everything else falls into place.




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