Obedience. What does that word mean to you? What do you first think of when you hear that word?

Asking your child to let the dog out, fold the towels, take the trash out…

As adults, we don’t always think of obedience. We do what is expected of us at work because well, that’s what is expected of us for our employment. I doubt many of us think in terms of being obedient to our bosses.

I recently read a devotion that suggested that Christians approach obedience as a way to avoid negative consequences of disobedience. I immediately thought of a memory from a few years ago of my son. I had asked him to clean his room. He looked at me with those big brown eyes and with a serious look on his face asked, “What happens if I don’t?” That little negotiator wanted to decide if the consequences were worth the time and effort to clean his room. He did clean that room…I made sure the consequences were more than he would want to risk! The thought of a week without TV was all it took to get him moving!

My word for the year is serve. As I have been praying over this word, I have asked for opportunities to serve. I realize that God will provide these opportunities…I need to be obedient to Him if I want to grow in my faith. I work for a faith affiliated organization and every morning, we read a devotion. One day this week, we talked about servant leadership. My administrator made the statement that sometimes, it may even feel like when we are choosing to serve, that we are being walked over by others. Being a servant leader, choosing to serve, requires obedience and the willingness to humble ourselves.

I have learned that saying yes to God, choosing to follow His leading and being obedient to His direction, is not always easy but He knows what I need when I need it. Looking back over the past few years, I can see how the difficult situations of my life have fit together like a patchwork quilt, connected pieces moving me forward on my journey.

Serving, obedience, surrendering…all closely related as I continue to seek God in this journey called life. I am learning that when we are obedient to God, when we choose to say yes, when we choose to trust His guidance, when we choose to trust that with Him, everything will be OK even when everything seems and feels so uncertain, He is with us. Christian obedience is love…pouring out in trust.

So, as the morning dawns, even before you know what is coming your way, choose to say yes to God. Obedience. Trust. Faith.

Pictures Fall 2013-Fall 2014 216

The path, though uncertain, guided by His hand, trusting Him along the way. Obedient to His leading. The path paved for adventures for 2016, your hand in His….protected by His love and protection.

A new year…full of opportunities to serve, to grow, to learn if we will only say yes to the One who sees the bigger picture along the path called life.




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