Another Year…

A new year is quickly coming upon us…how does this happen so quickly every year? Time really does seem to go faster each year!

This year has been a wonderful journey of ups and downs and learning to trust God more fully. As the new year dawns, uncertainty promises to be upon us with the news of my husband’s company downsizing.

Fear…of the unknown. My faith challenge to myself is to trust God more deeply with the unknowns of tomorrow. When fear tries to set in, I want to embrace with my heart that He is truly in control. Stepping out in faith, saying yes, knowing we will be OK when we don’t know what OK looks like.

What is helpful for me is recalling all the many ways God has carried me through the storms of life. I am learning to pray over the Psalms. They are a source of comfort and hope.

As a new year dawns, I hope you will see God in the everyday moments and embrace His promise to carry you through whatever 2016 may bring.

Happy New Year.

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