God has really been working on my heart lately.

So much flows from the heart…emotion, passion, love…

I am learning that it is the quiet strength of the heart stirring that I need to listen to.

God is teaching me that when my heart is open to His leading, when I am trusting of Him, He can use me, will take care of, will quiet my soul.

At church recently during a Christmas sermon, one particular verse spoke to me.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

Luke 2:19

To ponder means to think about something carefully. There was a great depth to all that Mary was experiencing, she needed to process everything, she treasured it close, in her heart. There was no Facebook to announce the birth of the babe. Just Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and baby Jesus. The quiet stillness of the sacred moment.

Lately, I  have found myself to be overwhelmed by God. When I first heard the song Overwhelmed  by Big Daddy Weave, I found myself pausing…pondering what exactly that meant. I have always correlated overwhelmed to mean something negative. I am overwhelmed by all the things I need to do at work, overwhelmed by the bills I need to pay, overwhelmed by all the holiday preparations, etc. Yet, I am learning overwhelmed can and does mean something much different.

Last night, the tag from my Yogi tea read, “Sing from your heart.”

My heart has been doing a lot of singing lately…it is overwhelmed by God’s goodness. My life is far from perfect, but God keeps reminding me, overwhelming me with His goodness, His love, His tender care.

This Christmas may your heart by overwhelmed by God’s love and His gift of His Son, the baby Jesus. May you ponder these things in your own heart.







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